What are the benefits available upon the completion of my internship?
Upon completion of your internship, you'll receive an offer letter detailing your job responsibilities and benefits, a certificate showcasing your preparedness for the role, a letter of recommendation, and a tool badge signifying your expertise. These credentials are invaluable for advancing your career! 🏅
What is the duration of the internship program?
The internship program spans 37 days, with 30 days allocated for project completion and one week for submission. Effective time management is crucial to meeting all tasks within the designated period. ⏰
Are the internships offered free of charge?
No, the internships are not free. The fee is ₹199 for Indian applicants and $10 for non-Indian applicants. This nominal fee demonstrates your commitment and contributes to administrative costs. 💼
Is prior experience required for the internship?
Prior experience is not mandatory but is advantageous. We welcome applicants with a passion for learning and a desire to excel in their chosen field. 🔍
How are interns evaluated during the program?
Interns are evaluated based on their project submissions, problem-solving skills, collaboration, and overall performance. Feedback and guidance are provided throughout the program to support your growth. 📈
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