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Welcome to Your Psyliq Internship!

Congratulations on beginning your internship journey with high-quality, real-world data sets. If you’re here, it’s time to dive into your chosen project. Here’s a quick guide:

1. Download Your Project:

  • Below, you’ll find the project files corresponding to your application. Select your project, click “Download” and you’re set to begin. The ZIP file comprises various tasks that need to be finished within the provided time frame.

2. The 30-Day Challenge:

  • You’ve got 30 days to shine. This is your opportunity to learn, innovate, and build a standout portfolio.

3. What you’ve to do?:

  • Please download the dataset for your domain using the provided link. It contains various projects, and your task is to complete all of them within the specified time frame.

4. We’re Here to Help:

  • If you have questions, reach out. We’re here to support your success.

5. Best of Luck:

  • Let’s get started! Make the most of this internship and create something amazing.

Select your Domain, download the Dataset, and happy working!

12428Internship – Data AnalystKnowledge Required – M.S. Excel, Power BI, SQL Optional – Lang. RDownload
12427Internship – Microsoft ExcelKnowledge Required – Microsoft ExcelDownload
12426Internship – SQLKnowledge Required – SQLDownload
12425Internship – Python/RKnowledge required – Lang. Python / R respectively.Download
12424Internship – Data ScientistKnowledge Required – M.S. Excel, Power BI, Python/R, SQLDownload
12418Internship – Power BI / TableauKnowledge Required – Microsoft Power BI / Tableau respectively.Download
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